I don’t need a man to complete me.

      I’ve liked him for the LONGEST time since i was little, It was always and on and off thing like i like him  and its whatever. But this time it was… different… this time i think i actually liked him. 

       I remembered that i fall for sweet guys easily and i would try not to fall for you just because… reasons. I LOVED  TALKING TO YOU AND YOUR CUTE RANDOM RAPS. You would make me laugh or “blush” like you always thinks im  doing when you say something cute. It became a tradition, a tradition i looked forward to every night, that we  would talk every night even if you always had something early the next day. We texted and talked pretty much like  everyday, it would brighten up my day. That was when everything was going so well.  We broke the traditions the  once but it was still all good. BUT the second time we broke it.. everything slowly fell …a..p..a..r..t… We didn’t talk on the phone as much, it was like every other… other day… maybe, if i was lucky. I thought you liked me, well atleast a  little bit. Then you made another kinda tradition that we would take turns texting each other. You forgot me this one  day. Then thats when it hit me the most that you didnt feel the same way as i did. My liking for you slowly disappeared. I dont know if you like me or not but i do know that you dont know how much i like him. I was crazy  enough to actually think that you like me, silly me. I guess i got mixed signals from you. I try not to miss you because i  know that i dont come across your mind… unfortunately. I don’t like how I might actually like you because you are so much of what pisses me the fuck off… Should i give up? Should i go for it still? Or would it just be a waste? JEEZ.

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Posted on Tuesday, 12 July
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