You told me to act normal but how? When you’re over here blowing my ass off and I know it. I’m trying but you have to work with me too.

I feel so pathetic right now running, chasing, waiting, missing, etc. you right now but I know it’s SO worth it. 😩

Every time we see each other, I fall in love all over again.

I’m trying really hard not to spill all my feelings for you all at once. I’m trying. Really hard. Please.

I want to tell you I love you, I’m in love with you and I’ve always been in love with you even through my crazy. I just hope you still see that.


My heart still jumps when you text me. You have no idea.

I love him more than anything. I will do anything to fix what I’ve done. I’ve made stupid mistakes but losing you will not be one. I won’t give up on you. I know what’s right. We’re right. I know it.